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Posted by Anna Cooper on February 10, 2021 · 2 mins read

This site is devoted to the cannabis culture in Barcelona. Here we share only straight dope, unbiased reviews, bare facts, relevant information, comprehensive weed guides, and step-by-step associations instructions, following which you can become a member of the best cannabis clubs in Barcelona legally.
Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona - ultimate guide

We co-work only with the reputable cannabis clubs in the city center. Gathering intelligence from the first hand like club staff, consumers, growers, etc. we highlight all the nuances and insights about cannabis clubs, which nowhere else will you find.

Moreover, being wise at the topic and knowing the industry inside out, we keep a blog to provide you with advice, tips, and other useful information. There we discuss all sorts of things to enhance your knowledge about the weed and ways of consuming the materials.

That’s why no matter what kind of marijuana user you are, you’ll find our website extremely helpful in avoiding all possible risks inherent in the activity of the street promoters and the black market in general.

How to Find a Cannabis Club for Joining It?

Since no one can enter a private cannabis club without an invitation, you need to have a friend who is already a member of the club and can act as a referral. Another way to join a cannabis club is by applying for membership through web page. With a little luck, you will receive a positive answer that reads like this:

“Thank you for your application. Please bring your ID and show this message at the reception desk”.

A denial may be wrapped this way:

“Thank you for your application. New members are currently not allowed. We will get in contact with you when new memberships are available.”

However, it might be tricky to reach out to the closed cannabis clubs. The fact is that only a few of them have websites and social media pages or provide email addresses to get in touch with them. Others refrain from advertising on the Internet to avoid legal consequences.

So, you may do your own research by reading a number of reviews and comments or get some help from our site. Thanks to our service based on Google Maps, you will be able to easily find a social club near your location or explore the best clubs in the city from our catalog. We have provided each coffeeshop with detailed information on their requirements, location, languages, as well as the food, drink, and entertainment range available.

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