Well, well, well…Let’s have a bong!

Posted by Anna Cooper on May 17, 2021 · 1 mins read


So you want to have this accessories to smoke in a fashion, comfortable and stylish way? How to choose the right one and….do you really need this?

Let’s begin from the size. Are you an experienced or beginner smoker? The size depends from your answer! For those who just opening this smoking world for themselves we advise to use the smaller one: It will be less smoke, you can take it with you everywhere and also it is cheaper. But if you already had an experience with this accessories – you will be more satisfied with bigger bong where you can get more smoke and also provide extra cooling and filtration. So now, when you know the size, let’s check the materials.

Bong in thai language means "Bamboo pipe" (in some sources it has a translation "Water tube"). According to the first  meaning we can suggest that one of the option is Bamboo. And that’s true, it is the best option if you are searching durability and style.

The second option is glass. This is the best variant for the beginners and if you are an esthete: you can see the smoke and the water inside and just enjoy with this moment. With the new materials glass is no more super fragile, so you can be sure that it could be a good choice.

Bong which was made from acril is one of the best option for those who are valid both durability and price. It is very comfortable to take them to travel with. But it is very important to clean it super carefully and always after use: it could easily absorb all the smells.

Metal bongs is the best for its durability: yes, it is pretty difficult to broke them so it could be some “forever option”. It is stable and serious gadget but you will never see water and smoke inside because it is made not from glass.

One of the most modern bong is made by silicone. Imagine: you can just easily fold and roll a silicone Bong and put it in the pocket or bag and enjoy your time everywhere! And it is the best option for the lazy people: you can wash it in the dishwasher!

So as you can see there are a lot of option with advantages and disadvantages but everybody could find the best for him!

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